To the Editor:

The National Coalition of Public Safety Officers is pleased to endorse Delegate Roslyn Tyler’s candidacy for the House of Delegates.  Delegate Tyler is a true champion for Correctional Officers.  She has sponsored key pieces of legislation on our behalf in the General Assembly each year.  Correctional Officers have one of the most difficult, dangerous, and thankless jobs in the Commonwealth.  Realizing we needed help, Delegate Tyler introduced and passed a House Resolution that made March 16th Correctional Officers Recognition Day in Virginia.  Now Correctional Officers can be recognized for their contributions in protecting our citizens and public safety yearly. 

Additionally, Delegate Tyler sponsored legislation that required the examination of Correctional Officers’ working conditions and legislation that provided Correctional Officers due process rights (The Correctional Officers Procedural Guarantee Act).  As Chairperson of the House Appropriation and Compensation & General Government Committees, she recently supported a 5% increase for state employees and forcefully advocated for a $3,000 bonus for Correctional Officers and Deputy Sheriffs.

Delegate Roslyn Tyler has been a true champion for public safety officers, and I ask all citizens and officers to join me and VOTE for Delegate Roslyn Tyler for the House of Delegates in the 75th District.


Donald Baylor

National Coalition of Public Safety Officers