Laws for Some, but Not for the Elite

The administration of Governor Northam seems to believe that they do not have to follow the law. We are hearing more and more cases in which his appointees blatantly ignore laws passed in the legislative process. Laws are passed for all Virginians to follow, if they do not, they should be terminated.

Executive Director of the Department of Elections

The head of the department that oversees, and is paid to ensure fair elections in which the public can be confident are accurately counted, thinks he is above the law. Governor Northam seems to agree. The law requires that Virginia’s voter roll be matched with a federal list to remove those citizens who have moved out of state and registered in that state. This was not done this year. When questioned why, the Executive Director simply responded they didn’t have time. It should be pointed out that this is a computer-to-computer match. They could have scheduled it to begin at 5 p.m. as they leave the office. It would have been ready the next morning when the office opened. When I raised the issue in the full Senate, some Democrats seemed concerned, but nothing came of it.

One very concerning possibility is that many were former college students that registered as Virginians while in school, then moved elsewhere and registered to vote in another state. With no effort to remove them from our rolls, they would be great targets for some to encourage them to vote absentee. Another possibility would be to actually have someone cast their vote because the identification requirements were removed last year.

Parole Board

The Governor’s Parole Board made headlines last spring and summer for their decision to release murderers who had been sentenced to life in prison. Their victims ranged from police officers to pregnant girls. The original headlines were about why they were allowing these killers to be set free. With a closer look, it became clear they were flaunting the law.

The law requires at least two things before any release can occur. One is that the Commonwealth’s Attorney of the locality where the crime occurred be informed. This allows them the opportunity to explain why releasing them might be a problem. The other reason is to allow them to be aware that they are returning to the community. It also requires that the victim’s family be alerted and be given the opportunity to have a say in the release. These laws were simply ignored!

The state’s Inspector General (IG) was tasked with investigating why the law was not followed. With the assistance of the Attorney General, the investigation report was blacked out before it was released to the General Assembly and the public. The Governor’s Secretary of Public Safety, who oversees the Parole Board, went on a radio show and said he knew nothing about the issue.

Then the plot thickened. Instead of the Governor stepping up and asking for the offending board members resignations, the administration chose to circle their wagons. The Governor’s Chief of Staff accused the lead investigator of being biased. She was put on leave of absence by the IG, this after her annual employee review had given her a good review, in fact, she received a bonus for the quality of her work.

Rather than Governor Northam taking responsibility for the problem, they began an investigation into who released the unredacted report to legislators. To protect herself from being fired for telling the truth, the investigator has had to evoke the “whistle- blower” law, as is her right. She has asked the courts to prevent the administration from retribution against her for having the integrity to do her job properly.

The underlying questions are these: Why would the Governor choose to ignore their law-breaking actions? Did he direct them to be more lenient than commonsense and the law allows?

With the Democratic majority and Governor Northam signing it into law, the death penalty ends even for the most horrible predators in our society. How many more violent killers will liberal Parole Boards release on our families?

Legislative bodies enact legislation. Those laws are for all, Governors included. It is up to you to elect a governor who will follow the law.

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