Good afternoon!

Have you noticed?

Brunswick County is all breaking out in Spring flowers and greenness.

Isn't it wonderful?

The air smells fresh, the birds are harmonizing, and the temperatures are almost perfect.

On top of that, the good Lord is providing pleasant rain and sunshine.

Granted, we may only have about 10 days of this before the pollen clouds attack, but we can remember these nice Spring days for a long time.

We were privileged to spend 10 days in the desert of California this month.

Our 3rd daughter was expecting her 5th child and Cindy and I found ourselves in the position of being able to be there to help her and her husband and their wonderful children (oldest is 6) make the transition.

Momma and baby (Allison) are fine even though the delivery was 5 days after what was expected.

These grandchildren are the ones we get to see the least often and it was wonderful to establish a good relationship even though it got so they came and woke us up in the middle of the night instead of their parents when they had a bad dream.

We sang songs with them, and built cities out of paper. We also used a tarp to line a depression in their back yard and filled it with water to make an ocean to float our cardboard pirate ships in. Guess who got blamed for all the extra laundry caused by wading in the “ocean?” That's right, Grandpa.

We made cupcakes with vanilla pudding and colorful sprinkles on top and then made homemade hot bread sticks. Twice!

We read lots of books together and played hide and seek, and went on hikes, and took adventures in the car where we looked for things on a list and got a reward when we had found everything.

You might be wondering what items were on the list so I share a few.... American Flag, a princess, a man with a hat, someone dancing, a rusty car, a pink house, and a baby (to name a few.)

With daily 25 MPH winds, we flew plastic bag kites, and had fun with the above mentioned tarp tied between two trees.

On our travels, we saw a homeless woman living in front of an abandoned store, surrounded by cardboard boxes. As I explained to my grandchildren why a person might be living that way, they expressed incredible concern and suggested that we might help her with some food. A quick trip to a nearby grocery store provided us with something to offer.

With our grandchildren listening, I offered the help and was surprised to carry on a very intelligent conversation with the articulate woman who, while not revealing her circumstances, accept our suggestion that she attend church with us and obtain the hope that comes from following the Savior, Jesus Christ.

I was grateful to have grandchildren who saw all people as Children of God.

Back home, while we yet waited for Mom and Dad and Baby to come home, we drew pictures, watched some cartoons, and solved 5 treasure hunts that Grandpa had set up.

They were such a fun group to play with.

I think I must be a 5 year old at heart.

Still, I don't think we want to live in California.

Gas prices there was $4.05 for regular and you are charged 10 cents for every plastic shopping bag. One time I saw about $10 blowing around in a vacant lot.

But now we are back home and missing the laughs of the little people.

And this week, we have Easter.

What a great time to really focus on the Savior!

We invite you all to join us for a special worldwide Easter service online on Easter Sunday at 12 noon.

He is Risen.

Let us all serve Him who is our Redeemer and Lord.

He is the Prince of Peace.