FROM the depths of his inner being he prayed, fought, marched, and fought some more;

Stopping along his way to speak of brotherly love and humanity toward one another.

“Individual and personal sacrifice” personification was he, this Martin Luther King, Jr.

For he’d seen Atlantis, Mount Olympus, and the Great Seas of Time; he’d traveled.

He dined with Napoleon, fought with Malcolm, conquered with Hannibal, feared and cried with Biko and Mandela.

He shared love with mankind and lost to the unknown elements of time so abundant, yet scarce, for one so extraordinary.

From the beginning he fought with a near omnipotent energy and insight, realizing that his choice was to make a change that made a difference.

He greeted all with humor, compassion, and understanding; he spoke like no other.

Yes he tires, but he need not falter, for his job was not near done, even when he was awarded the winner’s prize - called Nobel.

As sure as time, change, and the flow of his blood, he knew he could not stay.

Knowing not, though, that an assassin’s bullet would take him away oh so soon.

As he was leaving, he couldn’t help but think and believe that this light of humanity (and brotherly love) that faded as he went was actually the kind of world he sought for all.

For he believed that if he had had that world before, he would have appreciated Atlantis, Mount Olympus, and the Great Seas of Time more so than he did.

His warmth, faith and courage did confront that devil-like animal … racism … that seemed to lurk at every corner of his unmapped way.

So, we need remember his purpose … We need remember the extraordinary man … and his legacy.

We need remember MARTIN …

Herbert L. Jackson

January 13, 1979