While many local high-school sports followers were hoping to learn if sports would be played this fall when the VHSL Executive Committee met on Thursday, the end result was a no decision.

A press release issued by the VHSL said that with the Commonwealth currently in Phase II and moving to Phase III in the reopening process on July 1, the VHSL staff did not bring forth any recommendations for fall athletic schedules.

The VHSL executive committee did vote to hold additional meetings in July and August as more information becomes known.

“All our efforts are working towards advocating for the opening of sports and activities in a safe and reasonable way,” said VHSL Executive Director Dr. John W. “Billy” Haun. “As we move forward, it would not be reasonable to release at this time a fall schedule or calendar until we learn more about future phases.

“We are committed to getting this right and getting our students participating in activities,” continued Haun. “I think we can make a much better informed decision once we have more parameters and possible restrictions.”

Haun told reporter Tim Pearrell of the Richmond Times-Dispatch following the meeting that there are just too many unknowns concerning how schools will conduct their reopening and how sports will fit into that.

“I think there’s a lot of issues to be determined,” he said.

In other business, the VHSL Executive Committee approved its FY2021 budget by a vote of 35-0-0.