World Series Bound

It has been quite a summer for several of our local All-Star baseball teams.

A Hearty Congratulations this week to the South Hill O-Zone All-Stars who captured the first state title for our local Dixie Youth franchise since 1973.

South Hill has a really good group of talented youngsters that have been playing together since Coach Pitch and I thought their unity really showed in the state tournament.

“We were so close two years ago (to winning a state title),” said South Hill O-Zone manager Kris Reed. “We ended up losing in the sixth inning but the boys kept their heads up and just continued to work hard.”

South Hill Baseball president Bryan Soles said the league is very proud of the team’s resolve and the way they responded this summer.

“This group of kids were only several outs away in Minors,” he said. “I am so proud of all of them.”

This was the first year that Dixie Youth split All-Star teams into either Division 1 or Division 2 based on the number of teams each league fielded during the regular season. South Hill was eligible to play in Division 2 this season as were most of the other local programs including Brunswick, Greensville and Clarksville.

“It was all based on numbers,” said Soles. “Leagues with 10 or more combined teams (between Coach Pitch, Minors and Majors/Ozone) played in Division 1.”

South Hill had a total of nine teams this season; three in Coach Pitch, Minors and O-Zone.

Halifax was the lone District 2 member that had more than 10 teams and played in Division 1.

“It is certainly an equalizer for smaller programs,” said Reed.

It is possible South Hill could sway between Division 1 and Division 2 in the upcoming years based on league numbers.

South Hill will open play in the World Series in Laurel, Mississippi on July 30 when they face the North Carolina state champions in Game 3.

Congratulations are also in order this week for our Mecklenburg Dixie Boys baseball teams who captured Dixie Pre-Majors and Dixie Majors state crowns.

It was the fourth straight state title for the Mecklenburg Dixie Majors program and this year’s team is absolutely stacked. Mecklenburg is a team that could make some big noise in the Dixie Boys World Series in Sterlington, Louisiana. Likewise, the Mecklenburg Dixie Pre-Majors team is also loaded and should make some noise as well in their World Series.

Congrats are also in order for our neighbors in Lunenburg who captured the Dixie Youth Majors, Minors and Coach Pitch Division 2 state titles. What an outstanding accomplishment!

We certainly wish all of the local teams the best in World Series play.

If you would like to make a donation to support any of the teams headed to their World Series, please reach out to a league official. I know every dollar helps to make a difference.

2021 All-Star Baseball/Softball State Champions

DY Coach Pitch Division 1 – Halifax

DY Coach Pitch Division 2 – Lunenburg

DY Minors Division 1 – Rustburg

DY Minors Division 2 – Lunenburg

DY Majors Division 1 – Charlotte County

DY Majors Division 2 - Lunenburg

DY O-Zone Division 1 – Appomattox

DY O-Zone Division 2 – South Hill

Dixie Boys Pre-Majors – Mecklenburg

Dixie Boys Majors – Mecklenburg

Babe Ruth 13’s – Arlington

Babe Ruth 13-15 - Ongoing

Babe Ruth 16-18 – Stafford

Dixie Softball Darlings – Charlotte County

Dixie Softball Angels – Nottoway

Dixie Softball Ponytails – Greensville

Dixie Softball Belles – Brookneal

Dixie Softball Debs - Halifax