A Time of Thanks

I know the athletes from our local schools that are not playing winter sports are disappointed and I certainly share in that disappointment.

School officials really had no other choice they could make. There is no question that this winter could be a tough time for a lot of people as the pandemic deepens and all efforts to prevent the spread certainly need to be taken to keep our older and younger family members safe.

The good news is that things should start to improve after the winter months and a vaccine will be a big step in helping us move forward and out of the pandemic.

I am still optimistic that we will be able to have spring high-school sports and even more optimistic that we can be back to some type of normalcy in many facets of life by the summer months.

With Thanksgiving upon us, I want to focus this week on just a few of the things I am thankful for and there are many.

First and foremost, I am thankful for a loving God who is still looking over us in this time of turmoil and uncertainty in the world.

I am thankful for a wonderful family and that my baby girl will be coming home for Christmas in just a few short weeks.

I am thankful for my wonderful co-workers at Southside Virginia Community College and at The South Hill Enterprise.

I am thankful for my loving parents who I get to visit with often.

I am thankful that I rediscovered my love of fishing again when I suddenly had more free time due to the COVID pandemic.

I am thankful for friends and acquaintances that make each day better.

I am thankful that Zoom and Google meetings will likely continue long after the pandemic has ended, cutting down on travel and time to attend meetings and conferences.

I am thankful for our fur-babies Lucy and Roxy who drive us crazy on occasion but are always happy to see us walk through the door.

I am thankful that college basketball begins this week and that UVA has another championship caliber team.

I am thankful that I occasionally can string two or three good golf shots together.

I am thankful for my big man La-Z-Boy chair.

I am thankful that I live in a community with good-hearted people who care about their neighbors and friends.

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to coach fantastic young men at Southside Virginia Community College even though we will miss a season this year due to the pandemic.

I am thankful for all of the wonderful athletes I have had the good fortune to cover over the past 31 years here at The South Hill Enterprise.

I am thankful for the outstanding coaches, scorekeepers and parents that keep me updated with scores and stats throughout the year.

I am thankful for those perfectly timed action shots and the ones I just happen to get lucky on.

And lastly and most importantly, I am thankful for each of you that take a few minutes to read this column each week.

Happy Thanksgiving!