So Much Fun

I am having a ton of fun researching, interviewing and writing stories on some of the great athletes that have played for Park View High School over the years.

It is a chance for me to not only relive some of the great moments in Dragons’ sports history but to also see how these athletes are attacking the playing field of life as adults.

This week’s interviews and features on Dare Wright and Miguel Pacheco are special for me because I can remember when they burst onto the local sports scene when they were youngsters, long before their high-school playing days.

I actually had a chance to “coach” Miguel and I use that word lightly as it was 4-year-old YMCA soccer.

My daughter Lexi played on the team with Miguel and I helped Missy Scheidbach coach that season.

The main emphasis of 4-year-old YMCA soccer was for the kids to put on a uniform, get some exercise, and learn about teamwork while running around having fun and wearing the same shirt. Some of the girls ran around holding hands, singing, and laughing. There was no score keeping as having fun was the name of the game.

I could tell the first time I watched Miguel play that he was going to be a standout player.

Any time his father Pepe would issue a few directions in Spanish from the sideline, Miguel was off to the races to put the ball in the net.

As someone involved in sports all of my life, I always had to keep score in my head even though we didn’t officially record it. I believe our team scored 35 goals in 7 or 8 matches that season and Miguel scored most if not all of them.

He had a knack for putting the ball in the net and that didn’t change during a fantastic high-school career.

Dare Wright was just as dominant as a youngster in Dixie softball.

I can remember her striking out the side many times wearing a South Hill uniform during summer All-Star play.

Dare was one of the members of the esteemed 2011 South Hill team that captured the league’s first Dixie Softball World Series title.

In high school, she was also a standout in volleyball and basketball and went on to have a great collegiate career in volleyball at Virginia Wesleyan University.

It has been so much fun to look back at these talented athletes and I look forward to continuing this special series for the Enterprise and the Brunswick Times-Gazette.