The Brunswick-Mayfield Recreation Center Board is presenting The BlackTop Project in 2021. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to initiate the programs, which we outlined in 2020, which were: starting a youth and adult basketball and softball camps, youth and adult basketball and softball leagues, tournaments and supervised free play on the blacktop and softball field at the Brunswick-Mayfield Recreation Center. 

The basketball and softball camps will provide strength training, conditioning, skill development, basketball, and softball theory. 

The basketball and softball leagues will consist of seasonal play and/or tournament play that will lead to a champion. 

Supervised free play dates and times will be posted.

We are seeking your support and participation in The BlackTop Project 2021 - starting something in the community that will be beneficial.  

The reason for the name “The BlackTop Project” is because it is centered around the outside basketball court at Brunswick-Mayfield Recreation Center hence the name “The BlackTop Project” (another name for a hard surface basketball court).

The COVID-19 pandemic halted our plans in 2020. We are determined to move forward as safe as possible following the CDC COVID-19 recommendations. We are in constant search for volunteers who can help with the application of some great activities for our community. We welcome your help, question and suggestion to improve our evolving efforts.

We are determined to make The BlackTop Project 2021 successful. We are requesting enthusiastic people to contact us. We need help to create and facilitate these and more summer activities to make a lasting impact to our community!

John Thompson will serve as a facilitator.

Please contact us with your thoughts as soon as you can.

Keith Stradford, Chairman, BlackTop Project Committee, (704) 258-3968,

The Brunswick-Mayfield Recreation Center

The current Brunswick-Mayfield Recreation Center Board of Directors is committed to providing recreational and educational opportunities for children and adults. Recent improvements at the center include the addition of a handicapped accessible bathroom in the swimming pool area and in the classroom located on the lower level. Other improvements included adding a chair lift to gain access to the classroom. Costs were covered through a grant from the Greensville Memorial Hospital Foundation and donations. Major improvements were made to the swimming pool. Improvements have also been made to the dugouts and more bleachers were added.

In the past programs at the center included Zumba, a fun way to exercise, line dancing and events that offer softball, basketball, horse-shoes, and other activities. The two fundraising events are the Steak-A-Rama Plus in September and the Extravaganza in the spring. New playground equipment was added. Seasonal special events are also offered.

A look back at the center’s history – In 1964 in an effort to provide recreational opportunities for the youth, Fitz Turner, Principal of James Solomon Russell High School, provided leadership in organizing summer league baseball using the facilities and personnel of the school. This effort produced six teams from around the County of Brunswick and placed them in competition in a structured, wholesome environment where strict discipline codes were instituted. Tenus F. Thompson, Coach at James Solomon Russell High School, supervised this program. The Mayfield Dodgers Baseball Team, consisting of youths, primarily from the Mayfield area, was one of the teams in the summer league. The team was managed by William S. Jackson with assistance from John Evans, Floyd Wilson, Henry Lewis, Rubin Barner, and Wilbur Hardy. Since Edward Goldman had two sons on the team, he volunteered to help. This organization was critical to the success of not only the Mayfield Dodgers Baseball Team but to many other events, which would occur. Through the efforts of this group, uniforms, supplies, transportation, supervision, and training took place for the Dodgers.

The team used the lot for approximately three years. When the property was developed, it became necessary for the Dodgers to find another site. At this time, approximately six acres of property on Fox Street, Lawrenceville, Virginia became available. A committee of the Mayfield Dodgers Baseball Team along with Herbert Person recognized the need in the community for expanded, organized, and supervised recreation. As a result, in the summer of 1971, the name “Mayfield Recreation Center” was adopted and plans for expanded facilities initiated. During this same period a tragedy in the Mayfield community brought about more community involvement. Two boys from the neighborhood drowned while swimming in a local pond. The community began to rally around the nucleus of men in the Dodgers’ organization. The top priority at this point became the construction of a swimming pool.

In order to secure funding for this project, the nucleus was expanded and reorganized to include: Edward Goldman, Sr. – President, Wilbur Hardy – Secretary, Donald Robinson, Sr. – Treasurer; Board members; Willie Dilworth, John Evans, Sr., William (Doc) Washington, and Thomas Pollard. All of these persons filed a financial statement with Farmers and Merchants Bank in Lawrenceville in an effort to secure funding to begin the project. Attorney Larry Jones provided legal counsel at no cost to the organization. Under his direction, a non-profit organization was established, a charter and by-laws adopted, and the Center was incorporated on September 29, 1971.

A main pool and kiddy pool and bathhouse were constructed. Both pools were built by Farrar Pace of Richmond, Virginia at a cost of $38,000. The cost for constructing the bath house was approximately $22,000. Much of the lumber was donated by Butler Lumber Company and community volunteers provided most of the labor free of charge.

During later stages more equipment and facilities were added. A picnic shed was built, playground equipment installed, dugouts and grandstands constructed under the supervision of William (Doc) Washington. Also added were a softball diamond, covered walk at the bathhouse, commercial type grill, and picnic tables.

For more information about the Brunswick-Mayfield Recreation Center call Bernard L. Jones, Sr., Chairman, Board of Directors, at (434) 676-3899 or (804) 943-3899 or