Headed West to the Piedmont

As widely expected, it was announced last week that the new Mecklenburg County High School will become a member of the VHSL Piedmont District when the new consolidated school opens in the fall.

I was hoping that Mecklenburg would gain a spot in the Central District which would have been much easier for travel via Interstate 85 but the request was overwhelmingly denied by the district members which consists of Dinwiddie, Hopewell, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Matoaca, Prince George, Meadowbrook and Thomas Dale.

Instead, Mecklenburg County will play in the Piedmont with Halifax, Bassett, Martinsville, Tunstall, Patrick County, George Washington-Danville and Magna Vista.

Size-wise, Mecklenburg should be a potential force in the district as one of only three Division 4 teams along with GW-Danville and Halifax. Bassett, Magna Vista and Tunstall are all Division 3 teams while Martinsville and Patrick County are Division 2 schools.

The Mecklenburg County buses will certainly spend a lot of time on Route 58 headed west to travel to the other district schools.

Expected travel times by car to each high-school in the district according to Goggle Maps are: GW-Danville, 1 hour 10 minutes; Bassett, 1 hour 51 minutes; Martinsville, 1 hour 40 minutes; Patrick County, 2 hours 12 minutes; Tunstall, 1 hour 22 minutes, Magna Vista, 1 hour 46 minutes and Halifax, 38 minutes.

No doubt there will be some late week night bus trips for the local team especially when traveling to Patrick County, Martinsville, Magna Vista and Bassett.

It was also announced recently by the administration that former George Washington-Danville HS athletic director Jonathan Fain will become the new Student Activities Administrator for Mecklenburg County HS.

As far as competition, GW-Danville has been the class of the district in most boys’ sports and won the district football crown this season, advancing to the state quarterfinals. The GW boys’ basketball team won the VHSL Division 4 state crown in 2019.